Challenged to Grow

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Who could have imagined that the spring of this new decade would challenge us to reconfigure our lives so dramatically? Everything has flipped upside down and we are working within a foreign framework. New rules for almost everything we do in our daily lives.

As a financial professional at Healy Group, these are tricky times for my clients, too. I struggle to reassure clients without the benefits of meeting face-to-face. Yet our phone conversations and Zoom meetings confirm that my job is a true vocation. I'm in this position, so I can give clients hope and trust at a time that is full of uncertainty.

With trust, comes patience. Having never gone through anything like this, we grow together in patience. The grocery is out of a common ingredient for baking or your favorite vegetables. Your printer doesn't print or your children can't access their home-school video. What I notice is we are beginning to grow in patience, and we are working to manage these obstacles and difficulties.

I am humbled by the commitment educators and healthcare workers and all who are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. They adapted and leaned into the challenges of life with the coronavirus in a matter of days.

Likewise, I've worked to adapt and lean into the daily challenges of coronavirus. I find joy in the good things, however small, that I witness as life has changed and slowed down during the pandemic: the neighbor who stops to check on a neighbor; families out for a relaxing stroll; strangers meeting in the grocery aisle and moving to the side with a smile; a customer who leaves a large tip for their take-out meal.

What's more, I've appreciated watching my colleagues at Healy Group reassure and assist their clients and friends who are suddenly struggling with job security, the roller coaster stock market, and managing their finances as a result of the virus.

As weeks turn to months, and our lives are still disrupted and uncertain as we manage life in a pandemic, we are challenged to accept the “new normal.” I'm reminded that there is still much that is good in life, even when we are faced with unprecedented challenges.

In the true Healy Spirit, we are deeply committed to supporting our clients and friends during these times and all other times.

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About the Author

Urbanski Prof

Matt Urbanski, Financial Advisor/Owner

Matt Urbanski, a nearly lifelong resident of South Bend, joined Healy Group in 2001 and became an owner in 2016.

He enjoys working with young business professionals, academics, and business owners. His areas of expertise include: asset protection in the areas of disability and life insurance; funding strategies for college, retirement plan options, and other tax-deferred savings programs.