How My Work Culture Changed the Way I View My Work?

Matthew Urbanski |

My undergraduate degree is in Religious Studies, which focuses on a variety of religious traditions. A few years after graduation, I began working at a small financial services firm. My boss was an ethical and devout man, but the workplace was not overtly Christian.

After 6 years, I decided to make a change. Several people suggested a local insurance and financial services group I hadn’t heard of before---Healy Group. After the third person suggested it, I thought the Lord must be guiding me to it, so I contacted an acquaintance there. I interviewed that afternoon and was soon hired as a practice manager.

I immediately noticed my new coworkers were very invested in the clients they served. They were attentive and delivered a personal, often faith-filled, touch to each client’s situation. Earlier in my career, I had approached my work in a more task-oriented manner. Even though I did care about the clients, my work was less focused on their individual circumstances. My new work environment was filled with Christian witnesses and that gradually changed the way I viewed and conducted my work.

I find the financial services profession interesting, because what people believe, and why, affects how they make decisions about their finances. Religious beliefs impact how people spend their money, what kind of legacy they might want to leave behind, and to whom they consider leaving it.

Many people seek financial advice when they experience significant life changes, like a death in the family, the birth of a child, or the loss of a job. At Healy Financial, the financial services division of Healy Group, we walk beside them and provide professional advice -- and some of us even pray with or for them, if they’re open to it. We plan with them over a period of time until we’ve reached a resolution, and then maintain the relationship going forward.

In the wake of my 6-year anniversary at Healy Group, I find myself more aware of God’s presence in my work.  Connecting with my coworkers and our clients has enabled me to serve the Lord more fully each day.

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Sara Reyes works as a practice manager at Healy Group. She lives with her family in South Bend, and enjoys creative writing, stand-up comedy and Latin Dance. Sara often thinks simultaneously in English and Spanish.