Patrick Couch

Financial Advisor

Patrick, a South Bend native, graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in American Studies and a concentration in Business Economics. Patrick has always aspired to be an educator. After school, this led him to pursue a Master of Education degree through the ACE Teaching Fellows program at Notre Dame. He spent two years teaching 4th grade at a Catholic school in Memphis, TN before returning to the Midwest where he began his career as a financial planner. He joined Healy Financial in 2023.

Patrick brings his teaching background to his financial services practice. He prioritizes the educational process by engaging clients in the formation of their own financial plans. Empowering others through financial literacy is at the heart of his work.

He married his best friend, Emma, in 2020. He prides himself on being the second-best teacher in their marriage. Emma’s example as a selfless educator continually inspires Patrick to bring his best self to his clients. They enjoy spending time with their families in both South Bend and Chicago.

Patrick loves all things Notre Dame Athletics and, despite the heartache, will continue to support the Chicago Cubs with unwavering love until the end of time