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An important part of our work with our Healy Financial clients is helping them connect their money with their values. A saying we often use is: “After all, money is just us in foldable form. Maybe we can talk about how money allows us the opportunity to impact people.”

An approach some investors employ to ensure their savings and investments reflect their own values and preferences is value-based investing. In the last decade, investment software has been developed that makes it possible to set parameters to match investors’ social values and beliefs.

What is value-based investing?

It’s a method of investing that allows clients to invest their money in companies that represent their moral, religious, social, and environmental values. The money they put in the stock market can not only improve their personal net worth, but also the world at large in whatever way their values define improvement.

Think of it as supporting companies whose policies reflect your values. Investors might consider companies that:

  • Respect the value and freedom of all people
  • Promote family and community
  • Demonstrate a concern for justice and peace as well as fair and ethical relationships
  • Exhibit responsible management practices
  • Reflect their religious or moral beliefs.

For example, investors might choose companies that do not promote activities like gambling or research activities that involve stem-cells; corporations that favor cleaner, safer manufacturing processes to protect the environment.

How can investors determine what companies are in line with their values?

A surge of interest among investors in value-based investing along with the technological advances has also led to an increase in the ability to invest in mutual funds that use data to target companies that not only show good performance potential but also operate with integrity and excel at creating value to society; and screen out those companies that are in conflict with your priorities.

Likewise, value-based investing may be a good decision from a financial standpoint, too.

It makes sense that companies that prosper best over the long term are those that have good leadership, a strong sense of purpose, fair and just employment practices, and best serve the needs of others and society.

For investors who want their wealth-building to match-up with their values, a value-based investment approach may help them build wealth while remaining true to the causes and values they support.

When I work with my clients, I ask them questions and facilitate discussions to help determine their values and investment goals. It can be valuable to explore your options with a trusted financial professional as you choose the approach that works best for you and your individual situation and values.

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He enjoys working with young business professionals, academics, and business owners. His areas of expertise include: asset protection in the areas of disability and life insurance; funding strategies for college, retirement plan options, and other tax-deferred savings programs.

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